PLAN BOTHNIA in full swing

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We working at the coordinating institution of the PLAN BOTHNIA initiative -the HELCOM Secretariat, are happy to inform that the engine of the initiative is in full swing since 2 December 2010. After our first meeting on 16 December the seven partner organisations, see right hand side of the page for list of partners and web-links, have been working to get the initiative off the ground.


Besides the administrative work necessary in a project like this we have since Christmas been busy with preparing for the first proper MSP meeting to take place in Pori, Finland in 7.& 8. March 2011. This has included preparation of meeting documents and invitations to the regional guests from along the Bothnian Sea coast identified with the help of the Ministries responsible for planning in both Sweden and Finland. These regional contacts will provide the project with the necessary living links to the local realities around the Bothnian Sea. Other upcoming meetings (there will be five in total between March 2011 and March 2012) will also likely involve additional authorities from Finland and Sweden. In addition, two dedicated dissemination events will be organised by us where all interested readers- also you – will be most heartily invited. The first of these will likely take place in Helsinki during the last week of September 2011. We will naturally inform about the exact meeting date here immediately when available.


Otherwise we  have invested some time to set up this website and the related document library, an important source of the more “official” documentation. When finalised all of the meeting documents and reports will be freely available to you at the library, hosted by HELCOM. You can find a link to the library to the under the “documents” section above. The function of the library is to create a permanent depository for the project output -available also long after the project itself will be completed and this specific website will no longer be maintained by us.


Compared to the official documentation this blog will provide information in a more relaxed style so you as an (hopefully!) interested reader can keep track of the latest PLAN BOTHNIA developments with minimum effort. If you want to receive email notifications on new posts -just sign up using the button below the EU flag.


Concluding, we want to welcome you warmly to the world of PLAN BOTHNIA and the process that will unfold within it. We really hope you will find this an interesting and stimulating initiative to follow even if you are not directly participating! Hermanni Backer, Project Manager and Manuel Frias, Project Officer (PLAN BOTHNIA)

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