After Pori we prepare for Uppsala

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In line with the comments by Manuel in the previous post I am happy to agree that our first MSP meeting in Pori provided a very good start for the initiative! The positive and professional atmosphere at the meeting warmed the project managers heart.

Last week we concentrated on introductions, the overall setup in the region as well as initial presentation on various thematic topics. However, during the next meeting, scheduled to take place in Uppsala Sweden as a two-day meeting in the period 14.-16. June, we will focus further on the background material and GIS information needed to get to grips with planning for real. This includes the production of a draft background document, or “portrait”, of the Bothnian Sea with all the needed maps.

This material will enable the Uppsala meeting to get a more comprehensive overview of the situation in the Bothnian Sea and to discuss more concretely on the planning needs.  To enable this we partners will have to finalise the draft input for the meeting by mid-May to be able to send that in time to the meeting participants. When completed the drafts will appear in our “documents” section under a dedicated folder for the MSP2 meeting in Uppsala, available for any interested reader.

Thus, after a success in Pori it is time to roll up the sleeves again!

Hermanni Backer

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