Plan Bothnia in Lisbon – planning on the Sea of Colors

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Last week we attended a workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning organized jointly between HELCOM/VASAB, ICES and OSPAR in Lisbon, Portugal

The first day 17 meeting participants contributed to the Plan Bothnia project by doing a hands-on planning exercise. We also got input through general  comments to the project activities as presented by us (Project Manager Hermanni Backer and Project Officer Manuel Frias).


Transparencies and paper maps used for the planning exercise

After initial presentations and discussions the participants were divided in two groups (North and South Bothnian Sea) and were asked to draw on a map a plan taking into account important areas for nature protection, fisheries, marine traffic, wind power areas, etc.

Both groups came up with maps, comments and suggestions that will be very valuable for our project. Thank you again to the participants!

Planning the Sea of Colors

Presenting the results of the Sea of Colors game

The second day of the workshop consisted of a so called “serious game” -very well organized  by the University of Delft. All participants were given the roles of different actors in MSP (stakeholders, planners…) and had to develop a Marine Spatial Plan in one day on an area called “the sea of colors” resembling the Kattegat area. The result was a challenging and fun experience. We made the following observations from the game :

  • The planning process you adopt determines to a large degree the outcome
  • Openness and transparency is a good thing (at least with cooperative participants/stakeholders like we did in our “countries”)
  • Many elements fall in place early in the process
  • Planning is an activity which has a large potential for creative chaos!

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