The fourth meeting provided first glimpses of a MSP plan

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Piperska Muren entrance

Entrance to the conference center - a XVII century palace

Wednesday and Thursday this week the Plan Bothnia project had its fourth planning meeting (MSP4) in Stockholm, Sweden (conference centre “Piperska Muren”). The meeting took an in-depth look at the draft material produced by project participants.

The discussions centered around similarities and differences between two documents including material for the Plan Bothnia MSP plan, one from a group of Finnish participants and another from a group of Swedish participants. These inspiring documents provided the first glimpses of what the Plan Bothnia MSP plan could look like. The material included suggestions for both the plan map as well as related text. These documents and other meeting material is available at the appropriate folder of the project document library.

Pål and Anne presenting

Pål Karlsson and Anne Savola presenting draft plan material

The interesting discussions at MSP4 concluded that even if there are some differences in approaches these are relatively minor. As steps toward a joint proposal the meeting agreed on the first outline of the plan part of the final report, as well as a drafts of typology/map legend. The outcome of the meeting will be available Friday 3 February at the project document library along with other meeting documents.

Intersessional work before the next planning meeting (MSP5), to be held 19.-21. March will prepare a complete plan draft for the Final report to be released at the Final conference (s) to be organised during the period 22.-23. May 2012, in conjunction of the European Maritime Day 2012 (Gothenburg, Sweden).

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