Plan Bothnia wins more design awards!

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The Plan Bothnia book won two more design awards yesterday, one of which is a renowned international design competition (“D&AD professional awards 2013”) the another is the main Finnish national competition in the field of design (“Vuoden Huiput 2013”).

In the D&AD professional awards 2013, organised by the London-based Design and Art Direction (D&AD), Plan Bothnia won an “In the book” award in the category “Book design/entire book”. In 2013 six books from around the world won an D&AD prize.

The D&AD award means Plan Bothnia will be featured in the 2013 “D&AD 2013” book to be published by Taschen -displaying the best of 2013 according to D&AD.

In the Best of the Year (Vuoden Huiput) Competition organised by Grafia (Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland), the Plan Bothnia publication won a silver award in the category “publication graphics” (Julkaisugrafiikka). In 2013 five publications won a “best of the year” award.

The Best of the Year silver award means Plan Bothnia will be featured in the 2013 “Vuoden huiput” annual catalogue to be published by Grafia. Plan Bothnia is also displayed in the Best of the Year 2013 exhibition at the Helsinki City Hall (Sofiankatu 1, Gallery “Virka”) during the period 12.4.–26.5. (mon-fri 9-19, sat-sun 10-16).

Plan Bothnia won earlier the first prize in the Finnish “Antalis Design Awards 2012”.

Award winning Plan Bothnia publication available for downloading!

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The corrected 2013 electronic editions of the Plan Bothnia summary outcome “Planning the Bothnian Sea” and the separate poster map are now available!

Pan Bothnia bookPlanning The Bothnian Sea (digital edition 2013).pdf (12MB)

Plan Bothnia Pilot PlanPlan Bothnia foldout map (digital edition 2013).pdf (14MB)

Besides Plan Bothnia, the joint Swedish-Finnish pilot plan for the offshore Bothnian Sea, the publication provides a summary of the underlying analyses on the different characteristics, uses and future developments in the region.

Antalis best book of the year

We are also very glad to inform that the print version of Planning the Bothnian Sea, released in 2012, has won a prestigious Finnish design prize. Our book was selected “Book of the Year” and also won the price of the best publication out of almost 200 in the Antalis Design and Print Awards 2012 on 14 February 2013. See some pictures.

In case you are interested in obtaining a hardcopy the HELCOM secretariat can try to locate remaining copies at project partner premises.

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