Uppsala meeting outcome available

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The final Outcome of the PLAN BOTHNIA MSP 2 meeting which took place in Uppsala, Sweden 14.-15. June is now available through the Uppsala meeting folder of the PLAN BOTHNIA document library.

Thanks for the second meeting in Uppsala!

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Fyris river

We had our second meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, the 14 and 15 June at the premises of the Uppsala County Administrative Board.  We would like to thank first the County Administrative Board, specially Eva Bergdahl and Roger Björk, for providing us with nice meeting rooms and for being so helpful!

The meeting went very well, all participants came up with good ideas and suggestions for improving the Assessment document and we, the lead partner, think that we are going in the right direction for testing a Maritime Spatial Planning process.

We will soon upload all documents and presentations. For now, you can have a look at the pictures that we took before, during and after the meeting.

Draft 1 of the “Bothnian Sea portrait” available

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Draft 1 of the “PLAN BOTHNIA MSP assessment” is now available online in the documents folder of the Second PLAN BOTHNIA MSP meeting -which will take place 14.-15. June 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden. This draft document includes an illustration of the background maps/data on the planning area (Bothnian Sea) collected by the project partners during spring 2011. A concluding chapter to the document, which remains to be drafted, is anticipated to include some initial ideas about the interactions between the various activities and features on the Bothnian Sea.

The draft document will be developed further according to input and comments received in Uppsala and beyond (also by you!) until delivery to the EU Commission by February 2012. This “assessment”, and the GIS data it is based on, is the needed preparatory step to start discussing about the anticipated Plan Bothnia project transboundary MSP plan.

Plan Bothnia presented at European Maritime Day 2011

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Gdansk meeting plan bothnia presentation picture

The PLAN BOTHNIA project was presented during last weeks celebration of European Maritime Day 2011 in Gdansk, Poland. The presentation took place within a Baltic Sea Maritime Spatial Planning session on the stakeholder day Friday 21. May and was listened to by a substantial number of European actors on MSP. The presentation provided general information on the project process and participants, hopefully gathering more attention around Europe.

Plan Bothnia covered in an academic journal article

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If you are interested to read a bit more academic texts on marine planning the recent MSP special issue of the Journal of Coastal Conservation -planning and management published by Springer (Vol 15 number 2 June 2011) includes eight new peer-review papers. The issue includes the article “Transboundary maritime spatial planning: a Baltic Sea perspective” by the PLAN BOTHNIA Project Manager Hermanni Backer, taking up some of the transboundary aspects of MSP. The Baltic Sea HELCOM/VASAB MSP working group and principles, adopted in 2010, as well as the PLAN BOTHNIA project are used as examples of planning activities across national borders. The JCC special issue has been guest edited by Vittorio Barale and Nicole Schaefer.

PLAN BOTHNIA at European Maritime Day 2011 (Gdansk, Poland)

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PLAN BOTHNIA will be presented at the European Maritime Day Conference 2011 (Gdansk, Poland 19.-20.May 2011) during the workshop “Towards coherent Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea” (20 May 2011, 13:30 – 15:00, The Polish Baltic Philharmonic Hall, room 1, Gdansk). In addition to PLAN BOTHNIA this workshop will cover HELCOM-VASAB cooperation on MSP as well as other projects (see full programme of the conference). Hope all of you present in Gdansk will select this session as your afternoon program for the 20th!

Plan Bothnia is tweeting!

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Now you can follow us on Twitter!

Plan Bothnia on Twitter

The idea with using Twitter is to share with you the process of testing Maritime Spatial Planning. It allows the project to be even more open and transparent.

Twitter is a social networking service to send and receive short messages. This video is a good and clear introduction:

Extra briefing for Swedish participants & MSP 2 meeting fixed to 14.-15. June 2011

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Yesterday (12.4.2011) the Project Manager, the project partners based in Sweden  and representatives of the Swedish Ministry had a short meeting (PLAN BOTHNIA EXTRA 1) in Uppsala, Sweden with those Swedish County Administrative Boards (Länstyrelser) not present at the Pori meeting. The meeting brought these Swedish participants up to date with the PLAN BOTHNIA project process and aims.  For the purposes of this meeting a printable PLAN BOTHNIA overview map of the Bothnian Sea, from now on available from our document library as a pdf, was drafted by Project Officer Manuel Frias. Check it out -but please note that the north and south delineations of the planning area are provisional only.

In addition, the meeting dates for the next PLAN BOTHNIA MSP meeting were fixed to 14.-15. June in consultation with i.a. the upcoming local organiser (County Administrative Board Uppsala).

1st dissemination conference 27.9.2011

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The first Plan Bothnia dissemination conference will be organized in Helsinki, Finland the 27th of September this year. Interim results of the project will be presented and discussed with the European and Baltic regional context in mind. The organization will be coordinated by project partner VASAB. This event has been already added to our calendar (see calendar tab).

Pori report available

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The final outcome of the PLAN BOTHNIA meeting 1 (7.-8. March Pori, Finland), as well as all the presentations and documents, are now available from the project document library. See folder “documents” above.

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