Map Service

A map service is a web-based tool to deliver geographical information. HELCOM has been using map services to visualize, analyse and download Baltic marine data for a long time.

Plan Bothnia is making use of the cutting-edge  technology available at HELCOM to visualize all layers we are using in the project. The map service shows all datasets with its corresponding metadata so that you know what, when, how and who made the layers.

Plan Bothnia map service

WMS Services


Cultural heritage:

Defence and Scientific research:




Maritime Traffic:

Nature protection areas:


Sand and gravel extraction:

Tourism and recreation:


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  1. This is a very good idea! Talk to you later about this when we meet in Pori. Jan

  2. Very nice-looking and efficient map service! Now let’s try to fill it with data and it will become really useful.

  3. Can anybody help me? The chosen layers doesn’t show on the map. What’s the problem? Is it my fault or is something not working.. Thanks!

    • Hello Karin,

      Thanks for your feedback. Can you specify which layers are not showing? I noticed that some layers have some problems since we made the last update. I will check it out as soon as I am back at the office, ie, next Wednesday.

      Please, can you contact us at our official e-mail address?: plan.bothnia (at)

      Manuel Frias

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