Plan Bothnia steaming ahead – Planning meeting 3 and Dissemination event 1 completed!

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Last week Wednesday and Thursday (October 19. & 20.) the Plan Bothnia project organised its third MSP planning meeting (Plan Bothnia MSP3). Over thirty participants from regional and national authorities in Sweden and Finland attended the meeting hosted by the project lead partner HELCOM Secretariat (Helsinki, Finland). The participants had available map and text material pre-compiled by the Plan Bothnia partners on the different human activities and natural features.


map and pen


Armed by maps, pens and transparent paper the participants filled the HELCOM office with creativity and enthusiasm. During the two days the participants worked hands-on in groups divided according to the different activities taking place in the Bothnian Sea. This work contributed to finalising a set of interest maps for planning purposes. The final results will be made available through the project map service as well as the Bothnian Sea MSP Assessment to be submitted to EU Commission (DG MARE) by February 2012.


The final interest maps, alongside background maps on physical features and various sectoral targets/objectives, will be the necessary material for the process of drafting MSP plans to be drafted during remaining 2011. Results will be submitted to the next MSP meeting, to take place 25.-26. January in Sweden, further details of which will be announced later.


The MSP 3 meeting in Helsinki provided for intensive discussions as well as new insights into the activities and interactions taking place in the planning area. Especially many interactions seem to take place in the banks area in the South-West (Swedish waters), South-East part along the Finnish and Åland coast, as well as within the two Quarks in the northern and southern extremity of the basin. The activities within these areas require particularly close scruting.


MapsMaps and tablet











In September 27th the Project held also an open dissemination event attended by nearly thirty interested participants from seven different Baltic Sea countries. The participants were presented the present status and achievements of the project. This included the map service and the collected GIS data as well as the consultancy study on MSP best practices and minimum requirements presently under drafting by Mr. Jacek Zaucha and Mr. Bernhard Heindrichs.


These two meetings have worked as important milestones and created solid ground for the final phase of the project, focusing on drafting a Plan Bothnia MSP plan. This will enroll during the remaining seven months of the project. The excitement is really getting denser and the project products more beautiful… so it is worth to keep tuned to Plan Bothnia!

PLAN BOTHNIA progress presented to EU member states in Brussels

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Progress of the Plan Bothnia project was presented by Project Manager to all EU member state representatives on wednesday 21 September at the 10th meeting of the Member State Expert group on Maritime Policy (CC Albert Borchette, Rue Froissart, Brussels, Belgium) under the topic “update on Maritime Spatial Planning” (by DG MARE unit E1).

The expert group is the forum for information exchange on the EU Integrated Maritime Policy between the EU Commission DG MARE and the Member state representatives.  Besides MSP the agenda covered the Adriatic-Ionian basin Maritime strategy, the EMODnet initiative and a study on costs and benefits on EEZs in the Mediterranean.

The response to our project was positive- hope this raises further interest in our exciting initiative across the EU!

Back from Stockholm

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We have been from Monday to Wednesday in Nordregio office in Stockholm preparing our 3rd Plan Bothnia meeting which will take place on 19 – 20 October.

The main idea with this meeting was to reorganize our assessment document which is a compilation of activities and interests, and the related geodata, on the Bothnian Sea. This assessment will be the base to make a test plan on the area.

Thanks to all and specially to Nordregio for letting us use the facilities.

We took some pictures of the meeting and Stokcholm. Enjoy

Let's start the meeting

We are organizing a dissemination event. Welcome!

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Dear reader,

Plan Bothnia project will organize a public event to inform and discuss about the project context, progress and other activities in the same field. This event is open for anyone interested in Maritime Spatial Planning. The language will be English.


So if you want to know the answer for the following questions just register here and don’t forget to have a look at the programme.

– What is Plan Bothnia and what its present situation?

– What are the links to recent Baltic Sea and European developments?

– What is the project study on MSP minimum requirements and Best Practices?

– Are there other MSP activities? What are their links to Plan Bothnia?



Consultation on concept drafts of MSP Minimum requirements & Best practices study

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The Plan Bothnia project includes as a deliverable (Deliverable 5.2.4) a study on Region-wide recommendations on minimum requirements for MSP systems coordinated by Plan Bothnia project partner VASAB secretariat. This will be carried out in two parts -Part I: Minimum requirements for MSP in the Baltic Sea and Part II: Methodology for identifying best MSP practices. The final result will be published as a part of the Plan Bothnia final report.

After examining proposals received to the public call for tenders, launched by VASAB secretariat on 10th May 2011,  Dr. Bernhard Heinrichs (Part I) and Dr. Jacek Zaucha (Part II) were contracted on June 2011 to carry out this study. These experts submitted first concept drafts according to the contract by the end of July 2011.

The first concept draft files received are available from the folder “Consultancy study on Minimum requirements -Best practices” of the Plan Bothnia Document library accessible through the tab “Documents”at the Plan Bothnia website.

The consultants and project partners would appreciate your comments on these draft documents to develop them further. Please see instructions on the cover page of the documents.

Commenting on these first concept drafts is open for all interested parties until 15 August 2011. The received written comments will be also added to the same folder in the document library as the draft files.

The received comments will be used by the consultants for new versions to be available by the end of September 2011 for i.a the next HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG meeting.  Commenting on later versions will be announced separately.

PLAN BOTHNIA in the headlines!

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During July PLAN BOTHNIA has featured prominently in at least two daily newspapers.

A frontpage piece “Bottenhavet skall få en unik maritim plan” (The Bothnian sea will get a unique maritime plan) by Titte Törnroth-Sarkkinen was published 6 July in the Åland Islands daily newspaper “Nya Åland“.

Another article “Luontoäidin palveluihin liittyy suuria taloudellisia arvoja” (The services of Mother Earth are connected with great economic values) by Jarmo Wallenius was published online 5 July in Finlands third largest newspaper “Turun Sanomat“.

Uppsala meeting outcome available

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The final Outcome of the PLAN BOTHNIA MSP 2 meeting which took place in Uppsala, Sweden 14.-15. June is now available through the Uppsala meeting folder of the PLAN BOTHNIA document library.

Thanks for the second meeting in Uppsala!

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Fyris river

We had our second meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, the 14 and 15 June at the premises of the Uppsala County Administrative Board.  We would like to thank first the County Administrative Board, specially Eva Bergdahl and Roger Björk, for providing us with nice meeting rooms and for being so helpful!

The meeting went very well, all participants came up with good ideas and suggestions for improving the Assessment document and we, the lead partner, think that we are going in the right direction for testing a Maritime Spatial Planning process.

We will soon upload all documents and presentations. For now, you can have a look at the pictures that we took before, during and after the meeting.

Draft 1 of the “Bothnian Sea portrait” available

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Draft 1 of the “PLAN BOTHNIA MSP assessment” is now available online in the documents folder of the Second PLAN BOTHNIA MSP meeting -which will take place 14.-15. June 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden. This draft document includes an illustration of the background maps/data on the planning area (Bothnian Sea) collected by the project partners during spring 2011. A concluding chapter to the document, which remains to be drafted, is anticipated to include some initial ideas about the interactions between the various activities and features on the Bothnian Sea.

The draft document will be developed further according to input and comments received in Uppsala and beyond (also by you!) until delivery to the EU Commission by February 2012. This “assessment”, and the GIS data it is based on, is the needed preparatory step to start discussing about the anticipated Plan Bothnia project transboundary MSP plan.

Plan Bothnia presented at European Maritime Day 2011

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Gdansk meeting plan bothnia presentation picture

The PLAN BOTHNIA project was presented during last weeks celebration of European Maritime Day 2011 in Gdansk, Poland. The presentation took place within a Baltic Sea Maritime Spatial Planning session on the stakeholder day Friday 21. May and was listened to by a substantial number of European actors on MSP. The presentation provided general information on the project process and participants, hopefully gathering more attention around Europe.

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