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Final publication:

Pan Bothnia bookPlanning The Bothnian Sea (digital edition 2013).pdf (12MB)

Plan Bothnia Pilot PlanPlan Bothnia foldout map (digital edition 2013).pdf (14MB)

Plannning the Bothnian Sea VIETNAMESE CoverPlanning the Bothnian Sea VIETNAMESE Version (unofficial October 2013).pdf (17 MB)



Besides project activities Plan Bothnia has been present in various external events and media, i.a.:

  • On 12th January 2012, the Project Manager and Project Officer attended the BaltSeaPlan final conference in Berlin in order to draw on experiences from this finalised activity led by BSH, Germany.
  • On 12-13. December 2011, the project was presented at the Gulf of Finland Trilateral Cooperation forum held in Tallinn, Estonia as an example for a similar project for the Gulf of Finland (involving Russia, Sweden and Finland).
  • On 5.-6.December 2011, the project status was presented by the Project Manager Mr. Hermanni Backer to the 36th Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation (Helsinki, Finland).
  • On 22. November 2011, Project Officer Manuel Frias gave a presentation in Szczecin (Poland) where he was invited to participate in a seminar called “Spatial planning in maritime and coastal areas”.
  • On 15-17 November 2011, the project was presented to the tenth annual meeting of the HELCOM MARITIME group at the premises of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Helsinki.
  • On 15.- 16. November 2011, the project was on the agenda during the Nordic expert meeting on MSP (Ráðstevna um havið – 2030),  organised in Torshavn (Faroe Islands) as part of Nordic Council of Ministers cooperation. Ms. Tiina Tihlman (Ministry of the Environment Finland) presented the project to the conference participants and the initiative was also mentioned by Mr. Sten Jerdenius (Ministry of the Environment, Sweden).
  • On November 7-9 2011, the project was present at a conference titled “Planning for Biodiversity”, organized in Warsaw, Poland as a part of the Polish EU presidency. The project activities were presented by Mr. Manuel Frias and Mr. Hermanni Backer during day 2 in a special session on MSP chaired by Jacek Zaucha (associate professor at the University of Gdansk).
  • On 2-4 November 2011 project was present at the workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning organized jointly between HELCOM/VASAB, ICES and OSPAR in Lisbon, Portugal. On the first day, 2. November, the project was presented to the participants in plenary. In addition, 17 meeting participants contributed to the Plan Bothnia project by doing a hands-on planning exercise in a dedicated 3 hour workshop organised by Project Manager Hermanni Backer and Project Officer Manuel Frias.
  • On 21 September 2011, progress of the Plan Bothnia project was presented by Project Manager to all EU member state representatives at the 10th meeting of the Member State Expert group on Maritime Policy (CC Albert Borchette, Rue Froissart, Brussels, Belgium) under the topic “update on Maritime Spatial Planning” (by DG MARE unit E1).
  • On 6th of July 2011 a frontpage pieceBottenhavet skall få en unik maritim plan” (The Bothnian sea will get a unique maritime plan) by Titte Törnroth-Sarkkinen was published Åland Islands daily newspaper “Nya Åland“.
  • On 5th of July 2011 an article called “Luontoäidin palveluihin liittyy suuria taloudellisia arvoja” (The services of Mother Earth are connected with great economic values) by Jarmo Wallenius was published online in Finland’s third largest newspaper “Turun Sanomat“.
  • On 19.-20th May 2011 the Project Manager Hermanni Backer and Project Officer Manuel Frias attended the 2011 European Maritime Day in Gdansk Poland. Project Manager presented PLAN BOTHNIA on 19th during the session on Baltic Sea MSP.
  • On 11th May 2011 a peer review paper on transboundary MSP mentioning Plan Bothnia, written by the Project Manager Hermanni Backer, was published in a MSP special issue edited by V. Barale and N. Schaefer (JCC, Springer).
  • On 17th of March 2011 a presentation about Plan Bothnia project was given by Project Manager and Project Officer on a course about Urban and Regional Planning at Aalto University (Finland).
  • On 10 and 11. March 2011 the Project Manager attended the twelfth meeting of marine observation and data expert group (MODEG) in Brussels, Belgium as a MODEG member. This enabled PLAN Bothnia participation in the dialogue organised by DG MARE on European data collection activities and their evident links to MSP.
  • On 1st of March 2011 the Project Manager lectured at an international PhD course on MSP, arranged by Åbo Akademi University at the Husö biological station (Åland).
  • On February 9 2011 the Project Manager had a presentation about the Plan Bothnia initiative at the INTERREG forum (Stockholm, Sweden)  in a session focusing on Maritime Spatial Planning. The event provided also a possibility for a dialogue with Swedish and Baltic Sea regional stakeholders, including the BaltSeaPlan.


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