Plan Bothnia in Nordic dialogue on MSP

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Plan Bothnia was also on the agenda during this weeks Nordic expert meeting on MSP (Ráðstevna um havið – 2030),  organised in Torshavn (Faroe Islands) as part of Nordic Council of Ministers cooperation. Ms. Tiina Tihlman (Ministry of the Environment Finland) presented our project to the conference participants and the initiative was also mentioned by Mr. Sten Jerdenius (Ministry of the Environment, Sweden).

Tiina Tihlman presenting Plan Bothnia

Tiina Tihlman (left) presenting Plan Bothnia

The good cooperation in the Baltic Sea was seen as a source of inspiration for the fledgling MSP cooperation in the west Nordic seas, the main topic of the meeting. This area includes marine jurisdictions of Iceland, Norway and Denmark (including Faroe Island and Greenland) and thus comprises a major part of the north-east Atlantic Ocean.

Plan Bothnia work presented to the HELCOM Maritime group

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Wednesday this week the Plan Bothnia project was presented to the tenth annual meeting of the HELCOM MARITIME group at the premises of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Helsinki. Project Staff Ms. Annukka Pekkarinen (Centre for Maritime Studies, Turku University) and Mr. Hermanni Backer (Project Manager) had a presentation on overall progress as well as the maritime traffic chapter, written by Centre for Maritime Studies. The group welcomed the work done without remarks.


Since the early 1980s, HELCOM MARITIME and its precedessors (Maritime Committee, Maritime WG) have been dealing with Maritime activities in the Baltic Sea.

The HELCOM MARITIME group is attended by ministries and agencies responsible for maritime traffic matters in the Baltic Sea countries, and the EU commission (DG MOVE). A number of sub-groups discuss special issues like AIS information, safety of navigation and various IMO submissions.

Planning for biodiversity conference

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This week Monday and Tuesday we (Hermanni Backer and Manuel Frias)  attended a conference titled “Planning for Biodiversity”, organized as a part of the Polish EU presidency. In addition to the initial plenary session, starred by among others,  Francois Wakenhut (DG ENV), Haitze Siemers (DG MARE) as well as Eva Wenigová (DG Regio), the programme included during day 2 a special sesson on MSP chaired by Jacek Zaucha (associate professor at the University of Gdansk).

During the MSP session we presented the status of the Plan Bothnia planning (Hermanni Backer), slightly with a  special biodiversity angle, as well as our internet-based communication and data collection activities (Manuel Frias).


Our badges

The points taken home, from presentations or thought of by ourselves include:

  • The concept of Green Infrastructure, highlighted by DG ENV could be possibly be interesting for Plan Bothnia.
  • The importance of links to activities to land was again highlighted- one reason was that thinking more about the landside helps in defining the issues that can not be affected by MSP at sea.
  • Community-based planning information generation through mobile devices seems like an interesting way to activate people in data generation.
  • Many large European MSP projects close during the period 2012-2013, this will generate a large amount of information and literature on MSP.
  • Link between the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process and MSP.

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