The pilot plan

The PLAN BOTHNIA project was a Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) preparatory action for the Baltic Sea. Through such MSP the future of a wide variety of issues like maritime traffic, fisheries, wind power and nature protection are planned together, instead of considering them one at a time.

A pioneering feature is that the initiative has, with good results, been carried out jointly by the two countries. It used the Bothnian Sea area between Sweden and Finland as a Baltic Sea case study to provide Europe and the world at large an example of a state of the art transboundary MSP.

The final result is an MSP plan document “Planning the Bothnian Sea” which was created as a collective effort by six partners and numerous participants from regional and national authorities in Sweden and Finland, coordinated by the project Lead Partner, the HELCOM Secretariat.

Pan Bothnia bookPlanning The Bothnian Sea (digital edition 2013).pdf (12MB)

Plan Bothnia Pilot PlanPlan Bothnia foldout map (digital edition 2013).pdf (14MB)


The plan publication has been peer-reviewed by five international experts on MSP. In addition to the plan itself, you can find their commentaries in the publication, reflecting the findings of Plan Bothnia in light of recent developments elsewhere -in areas like Canada & US, Australia, Southern Europe, and the UK.

Vietnamese version

The plan was translated to Vietnamese in October 2013 by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai and Mr. Pham Minh Hien from the Vietnamese national planning institution Development Strategy Institute (DSI), under the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam.
Plannning the Bothnian Sea VIETNAMESE Cover

Planning the Bothnian Sea VIETNAMESE Version (unofficial October 2013).pdf (17 MB)



Design awards

In addition to being a state of the art example of transboundary MSP the project has made efforts to make the plan documents accessible, inspiring and even beautiful.

The print version of Planning the Bothnian Sea, released in 2012, was selected “Book of the Year” and also won the price of the best publication out of 199 in the Antalis Design and Print Awards 2012 competition in Finland.

The book won further a silver price (Hopeahuippu) in the category books in “the Best of the year competition”. This is the most prestigious design award competition in Finland and organised by Grafia, the professional guild of designers.

Finally, in the world renowned design award competition D&AD design awards 2012 the book won an “In the Book” award. This price means that Planning the Bothnian Sea was among the best book designs 2012.

The Book received these prices mainly for its exceptionally clear presentation of technical and complex information.

Plan Bothnia book

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